Welcome to the Seamless SAR Archive (SSARA) Federated Web Service

UNAVCO Web Services Root URL: http://web-services.unavco.org
ServiceURL EndpointDescription
New GUI Interface/brokered/ssara/gui GUI map interface to construct federated data queries
SSARA SAR Service/brokered/ssara/api/sar/search Delivers SAR granule metadata meeting user specified criteria
SSARA InSAR Service/brokered/ssara/api/insar/search Delivers InSAR product granule metadata based on user specified criteria and QC parameters
Select Pairs Service/brokered/ssara/api/insar/selectpairs Provides every combination of interferometric pairs for a single InSAR stack base on query input
Version 1 GUI/brokered/ssara/guiv1 Basic GUI map interface to construct federated data queries

Please visit the SSARA repository on Github (https://github.com/bakerunavco/SSARA) for an overview of the project, API details, and command line utilites and clients